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Francis Bebey - Akwaaba [Original Music, 1985]

From the original post:

'In this 1985 release, composer/guitarist/singer/author Bebey used finger-piano, African flute, percussion and electric bass to draw on the whole range of African music today: traditional vocal styles [including an extraordinary ‘double-voice’ technique], Ghanaian flute, soukous basslines. The Boston Herald called Akwaaba “one of the most amazing and beautiful records I have ever heard.’ ~ John Storm Roberts

I don’t profess to know much about world music, but this is pretty nice stuff.

(via holywarbles/Ubuweb Twitter)


Ubu Web has been hosting lots of great stuff on their home site as well. Check out their history of electronic music.

A sample,

  • Manoury, Philippe - Neptune - 1991 - 2 MIDI vibraphones, tam-tam, marimba and live-electronics 5
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